RCEB members at Tuskegee Airmen Museum Grand Opening, Moton Field, with U.S. Air Force Pilots.  Pictured are Betty White (RCEB Ridgewood), Ms. Ellerbe (Tuskegee), Tina Reeves (RCEB Hillwood), Ms. Ellerbe (Tuskegee), Shawn Ware-Battle (RCEB Fieldcrest), Yolanda Green (RCEB Elmwood)

 The Tuskegee Housing Authority Resident Council Executive Board Officers are:

  • Executive Co-Chairman (Administration) - Pamela D. Ford (Elmwood Community)
  • Executive Co-Chairman (Management) - Mary Beason (Fieldcrest Community)
  • Executive Co-Chairman (Policy) - Monica Ford (Fieldcrest Community)
  • Executive Secretary - Betty White (Ridgewood Community)
  • Executive Assistant Secretary - Shawn Ware-Battle (Fieldcrest Community)
  • Executive Recording Secretary - Yolanda Green (Elmwood Community)
  • Executive Treasurer - Ruth Henderson (Maple Gardens Community)
  • Executive Financial Secretary - Raymond Hart (Ridgewood Community)

  • Executive Board Board Members

  • Eleanor Foster (Hightower Community)
  • Shirley Grant (Ridgewood Community)
  • Vanessa Kenon (Ridgewood Community)
  • Deborah Powell (Lakeview Community)
  • Tina Reeves (Hillwood Community)
  • Debranyo M. Walker (Lakeview Community)
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